LG G7 full review price and specification
LG G7 

LG G7. I’m not going to say the full name and although it might not really stand out from the crowd where we’ve got so many other great smartphones, it comes around 40000 rupees in the india.

 which, in my opinion, what you’re getting is an absolutely great price.We’ve got a super bright LCD display with Quad HD+ resolution. And the G7 has something which many of the devices don’t have and that is a wide angle camera and actually find myself taking this with me in many places simply because of that wide angle camera. And LG have product take lots of boxes so you’ve got a nice build and design, you’ve got water resistance, you’ve got expandable memory, you also got a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack with a hi-fi quad DAC and you’ve got a boom box speaker so although it’s not a separate speaker.

 It does use the space inside the device as a residence chamber.It does sound pretty good, especially if you’ve got it on a hard surface. And once again as the previous devices, it does have a notch. I know I mention the notch a lot but some of you guys are so passionately against it, something that I do have to mention. And it’ got a 3,000 mAh battery which is okay but it’s definitely something that I think could have been better.